Viewing room

Painting is Romantic...

It seduces me…takes my breath away.

In the beginning, as my love affair with my muse grew, every time I sat down to paint the scene before me, I felt incredible peace. All the problems in my life and the world seemed to disappear. It became a meditation … a spiritual experience. I felt a connection to the universe and all it’s wonders that are shared with humans. I understood that the universe is so much bigger than I could convey in the humble studies I made every Monday for a year back in 2000. I wanted to paint what my heart felt as well as what my eyes captured. Sometimes, all we need to do is just look up and experience that beautiful opera in the sky. So to honor our wondrous earth, the series “Clouds got in my way” was born.

Painting can be a discovery tool…in many ways I am a voyeur and my work lets you, the viewer, into a very intimate part of my imagination. It is inescapable to be a portrait artist and not give some part of yourself in the process of representation. The challenge for me is to know when to step aside and to discover this unique soul before me, describing my psychological and visual impression of them ... and to paint... from my soul to theirs.